Chapada Diamantina

Some of the oldest rocks on earth are here, dating back around 3 billion years. This area is full of stunning waterfalls and geological structures. Plus a few photos of Salvador at the end. Commercial licenses for use are through my agent Natgeoimagecollection.

Chapada diamantina is located in Baia state in the north-east of Brazil. It is a land of great biodiversitywith cerrado vegetation, rocky fields, forests and caatinga. Chapada diamantinais regarded as one of the best places in Brazil for hiking. It has breathtaking landscapes of canyons, rivers, grasslands and numerous waterfalls. Some of the most best spots in chapada diamantina to take in for me were Pai Inacio, cachoeira fumacinha, cachoeira mosquito and cachoeira buracao. I managed to see many of the spots without a guide and although it is a bit tougher (trails are not marked and hidden) you can search around on the internet to find descriptions on how to find you way about. Some however such as cachoeira fumacinha will require a guide as the trail is very long and quite difficult. 



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